Theatre & Education

With a growing importance on getting children to classroom and the international emphasis in universal education, it is imperative that we address the multiplicity of learner interests and the reality of classroom diversity. In additions to being inclusive and moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ model, classroom processes need to link with individual learners despite large numbers. Theatre is a useful medium a class room resource.

Theatre, in the educational context, can be a lively and enjoyable method of exploring and learning about a number of other subjects, while simultaneously being a separate subjects and discipline in its own right. As a process in the curriculum it offers unique educational opportunities thus opening up the learning space to participation beyond the printed text. Besides being a method and a subject, theatre is both a process and a form.

At its core it encourages inquiry and critical thinking in children and essentially approaches all issues from the child’s perspective. Theatre allows educators to learn ways that allow children to grow naturally with freedom to enquire explore and experiment.