About TIE

National School of Drama

(Theatre-in-Education Wing) Tripura


The National School of Drama is a premier theatre institution imparting training in dramatic arts. It is an autonomous organization the fully financed by Govt. of India.

NSD started its Theatre in Education Company (Sanskar Rang Toli) to work with /for children in 1989. This theatre with children differed from earlier endeavours as the TIE principle and awareness of processes of participation and awareness of theatre as a mode of education involving experiential learning. TIE is an essentially an interdisciplinary approach, with inputs form theories and techniques of child development. Besides working with children directly with a focus on opportunities for spontaneous responses, improvisation, story-making and performance the mandate of TIE has been to promote the value of drama as a classroom teaching methodology. With over 30 productions, several workshops in schools with children and teachers and annual summer theatre workshops, the TIE Company has grown and become a visible presence in the field of working with children.

Under its outreach program, the National School of Drama, New Delhi, opened its camp office, National School of Drama (Theatre in Education Wing) Tripura, w.e.f., 17-11-2011 & conducted Teacher Training & Production Oriented Workshop in Tripura.

The Camp office, National School of Drama (T.I.E. Wing) Tripura started one-year certificate course in Theatre-in-Education on 9th August, 2012. It is unique as it is the first attempt to make Theatre-in-Education an independent discipline that encompasses several other disciplines that relates to a Child’s education and creative expression it is hope that the course will be of immense utility to the theatre artists and teachers of Northeast in furthering their career prospects.